Restaurants L’Express de Lyon


Scuzzy, overpriced and crammed full of inconveniently placed suitcases, the bars that line the entrances to big Parisian train stations are rarely conducive to a pleasant evening. L’Express de Lyon is the exception that proves the rule. The venue’s hardly a looker, but the choice of beers will detain you long enough that you might miss your train if you’re not careful. The taps lining the bar bear exotic names (for Paris) of far-flung breweries – Brew Dog’s Punk IPA, Craig Allan’s Cuvée d’Oscar, a range of De Molens – and the fridge stocks a healthy selection of obscure Belgian ales. As if this isn’t enough to convince you of L’Express’s serious beerophilic credentials, the bar organises regular talks by brewers. As always, quality comes with a price: expect to up to €12 for a pint, and at least €4 for a half.


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