Restaurants Grand Appétit

A pioneer of vegetarian eating dating back to the mid-80s, this restaurant and adjacent market are tucked away a stone’s throw from the Bastille on a tiny street in the Marais.  Those looking for a vegetarian – dare we say, macrobiotic – meal, perfectly balanced and full of fresh flavour, this is the place. Those looking for an elegant veggie experience, forget about it. You place your order and find a seat, helping yourself to forks, knives, and the infusion of the day. Miso soup hints at a slight Japanese Zen inspiration, but there is also another daily potage. For the main courses, choose a dish or bowl with an assortment of veggies and grains – the largest option is only €13.50. Brown rice and/or polenta are served up alongside picked cabbage, carrots, red beans, and a bit of alga. For dessert, sweets like chicory and pistachio cake or a fruit crumble await those tired of rich, creamy, overdone pastries. While the no-frills décor and table service aren’t going to earn a Michelin star, Grand Appétit is a solution for those looking to avoid meat but also milk, eggs, and sugar. It’s healthy, it’s fresh, it’s affordable, and it definitely attracts a certain type of health-conscious diner. Just don’t forget to clear your own table afterwards, but at least you’ll feel really healthy while putting your dishes in the bin.


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