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  1. Dear Joand Quint

    I must admit I’m a little ambiguous when people take and share my recipes without first asking me. I’m happy that you have linked the recipes back to my site but these are my copyrighted recipes. This gives me a sense of loss of control of my property.

    Recently, I had a battle with a site called Blogarama who had Plagiarised my whole food blog without my permission. It is galling when I find copies of my recipes higher in google rankings than my originals. perhaps if you read my article you would understand. http://grumpyoldmen.typepad.com/grumpyoldmen/2016/10/blogarama-kings-of-plagerism-.html

    I presume you don’t sell any advertising on your blog but what happens in future if your site becomes successful and you are able to sell advertisements? Would you give me a share of the revenue because you use my recipes?

    I would have preferred if you had an email address visible on your About page so I could have discussed this in private.

    Please take down any recipes of mine you have posted on your site.
    You need to create your own content or at least ask permission before you use something that does not belong to you.

    Kevin Ashton

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