La cocina de Meg

INGREDIENTES: 1/2 kilo de papas,  1 lata de atún en  aceite de oliva, unas ramitas de perejil  y  aceite de oliva para freír las papas.


PREPARACIÓN: pelamos y partimos las papas a la juliana, las secamos con un paño y freímos en la sartén o en una freidora. Sacamos, las  ponemos  sobre papel absorbente para quitar el sobrante de aceite y añadimos el atún con el perejil picadito.

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Seared Beef with Monkfish Liver

Meals Under the Pressure Cooker

I recently saw some fresh monkfish liver at the grocery store, which caught my eye! Monkfish liver is often compared to sea urchin as well as foie gras. It’s salty, briny, and earthy, just like the sea! I decided to pair the creamy flavor of the sea with some well marbled beef, with both glazed in a simple ponzu sauce.


Zabuton American wagyu beef sliced, Cooked Monkfish liver, chives, garlic


I plated the dish with the beef slices at the bottom, topped with the marinated monkfish liver pieces and the creamy monkfish liver sauce, complimented with a little more of the ponzu glaze, baby spinach, and thinly sliced garlic. Sort of a play on surf and turf, the tender beef goes well with the briny liver. A very enticing and exotic dish, perfect for the end of summer!

What were some of your favorite ingredients or dishes you…

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Café Settebello

The Dining Diaries

Today on the Dining Diaries…

Gorgeous smells tease our taste buds,
Music from Italy transports us away and…
This is the place to come to if you want to get stuffed.

Diners today we finally made it to Cafe Settebello  Newton Rd, Newton.
They haven’t been in this location very long but it’s been recommended to me so many times that I had to go down and see what all the fuss is about.

It seems to me that every time I enter a decent Italian restaurant the first thing I notice is the beautiful aromas!!! It just makes me so hungry!!
I’m sure what I was smelling was the pizza that was cooking in their famous wood oven and it was just so tantalising.

The dining room is spacious and modern but definitely has a touch of Italy.

No red and white table cloths but nice pictures of…

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Tartare de Saint Jacques

tartare st JacquesEn amuse-bouche ou en entrée, la Saint jacques crue, moi, j’adore…

Pour 10 amuses bouches, il faut :
4 noix de Saint Jacques sans le corail
100 gr de salpicon de tomate épépinée et mondée
100 gr de salpicon de concombre
quelques feuilles de basilic
huile d’olive
jus de citron
Une cuillère à soupe d’œufs de lump noirs

La recette
Détailler les noix de Saint Jacques en petits cubes, arroser de quelques gouttes d’huile d’olive et de jus de citron. sel et poivre du moulin. Feuilles de basilic ciselées. Laisser reposer 1/2 heure.
Dans des coupelles (ici en forme de Saint-Jacques), déposer le concombre et la tomate en salpicon, surmonter d’une cuillère de tartare de Saint Jacques, puis décorer d’une pointe d’œufs de lump noirs. Servir très frais.

Bon appétit
Amitiés gourmandes

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Kin Kin Thai Eatery – Media Launch — Adelaide Food Central

This is our second visit to Kin Kin Thai Eatery in less than a week. This time we’re here for the media launch to celebrate the opening of the restaurant that has been open for just over two weeks. We’ve already talked about the place in our previous review so we’ll get straight into the […]

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Torta de Chocolate con Beterraga y Fudge de Palta — Mi Vida en un Dulce

A lo que llegamos las madres para que nuestros hijos coman verduras. No basta hacer queques con zanahoria o zucchini, no, porque dentro de las verduras vetadas por ellos está también la beterraga. ¿Y la mejor forma de hacer que la coman? Pues en una Torta de Chocolate con Beterraga.

a través de Torta de Chocolate con Beterraga y Fudge de Palta — Mi Vida en un Dulce

Au Matcha, 161 Rue Saint-Charles, 75015 Paris, France —

Au Matcha est une boutique qui propose à la fois un salon de thé, des pâtisseries mais aussi de l’artisanat Japonais. Misa, une Japonaise passionnée de cette délicieuse poudre de thé vert originaire de Nara, vous propose des roll-cake, des macarons ou des cake au matcha. Il y a bien entendu de très nombreux thés […]

a través de Au Matcha, 161 Rue Saint-Charles, 75015 Paris, France —