Borschtsch — heat’n’eat

Ich war gerade 4 Tage im hohen Norden, wo die Temperaturen morgens im Keller waren, jetzt bin ich wieder im Land, und die Temperaturen sind tagsüber gerade mal bei 3 C. Kein Wunder, daß ich Lust auf Winterkost habe. In diesem Fall ist das ein Eintopf. Aber kein typischer Plumpseintopf, sondern eine ukrainisch-russische Suppe mit […] … Continue reading Borschtsch — heat’n’eat

Una Feria Gastronómica con Futuro

              El 10 de octubre tuve el placer de tomar parte en la Feria Gastronómica de La Alcudia, Valencia, que en su novena edición ha sido todo un éxito, en cuanto a organización y número de participantes. … Origen: Una Feria Gastronómica con Futuro

L’Aiguière Restaurant Gastronomique

On ne parle pas assez du restaurant de Patrick Masbatin. Restaurant L’aiguière, situé dans le Paris historique entre Nation et Bastille, est une ancienne auberge des mousquetaires de Louis XIII, appelés les mousquetaires à capes noires. Cet héritage se ressent dans notre cuisine, traditionnelle avec une touche de modernité en plein cœur du 11 ème … Continue reading L’Aiguière Restaurant Gastronomique

2016 International Youth Food Culture Contest — Youth Food – Meals Under Pressure Cooker

On a cool summer evening two years ago, a boy I befriended at his father’s fruit stand in the farmer’s market showed me his drawing pad. Having just immigrated to the U.S. not long ago, he did not speak much English. But from the green papayas and golden rice fields he painted, I saw the […] … Continue reading 2016 International Youth Food Culture Contest — Youth Food – Meals Under Pressure Cooker

What Can We Learn From Food? — Youth Food – Meals Under Pressure Cooker

What does food represent to you, other than something you subsist on? When I started to organize the 2015 International Youth Food Culture Contest a few months ago, I was eager to find out how my teenage peers from different parts of the world answer this question. I initiated this annual contest back in 2014 […] … Continue reading What Can We Learn From Food? — Youth Food – Meals Under Pressure Cooker

北京炸酱面 — Tián Smile

材料: 天源酱园干黄酱 五花肉 手工面条 黄瓜 豆芽 白萝卜 葱蒜 矿泉水 糖。 1.五花肉去皮切丁; 2.黄酱中加入矿泉水搅匀; 3.葱切碎,放入油锅中,下入五花肉稍加煸炒加入酱,糖翻拌; 4.蒜切碎,炸酱起锅前放入蒜末提味。 5.黄瓜切丝,豆芽,荷兰豆焯水,白萝卜切条; 6.煮面,吧煮熟的面捞出与酱拌匀,左以菜码即可。 我希望你们喜欢。 慢慢吃!!! a través de 北京炸酱面 — Tián Smile

The Food Index

Explore our interactive snapshot of 125 countries showing the best and worst places in the world to eat, and the challenges people face getting enough of the right food. Around the world, one in eight people go to bed hungry every night, even though there is enough food for everyone. Our graph illustrates how overconsumption, … Continue reading The Food Index

Building Your Network of Influence in the Culinary World

We Are Chefs

By Paul Sorgule, M.S., AAC

Success rarely happens by accident.  Success may be defined in various terms, but the common thread is that success is determined, to a great extent, by the people with whom you work, play, and communicate.  The key to reaching your individual goals lies in selecting and nurturing those connections that best suit your desire to reach career, financial, or personal benchmarks.

LinkedIn built a business model on facilitating networks of influence. However, the appropriate management of those networks still lies in the hands of the individual.

It is up to you to define life goals and then build and maintain the network that will help you along the way.

Networks are only effective if a few individual characteristics are viewed as essential.  These characteristics include: trust, honesty, respect, commonality, dependability, and others that may be unique to who you are and want to be.


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