Restaurant Passerini

Refined takes on simple, traditional Italian dishes work wonders at Giovanni Passerini’s latest gastro trattoria. Parisian aficionados of acclaimed chef Giovanni Passerini have had to wait two years to get their fill of his fine, relaxed, straightforward Italian cooking, after his previous outpost Rino was shuttered in 2014. His new address has certainly been worth … Continue reading Restaurant Passerini

Restaurants Entre les Vignes

Entre les Vignes restaurant in Paris near the Gare de Lyon has been serving up the divine regional cuisine of Lyon since 1908. This charming bistro has the right look: red moleskin banquettes, prettily moulded ceiling, lamps with little pleated shades, Miles Davis and Charlie Parker gently wafting through the air, a colour scheme that … Continue reading Restaurants Entre les Vignes

Restaurants Grand Appétit

A pioneer of vegetarian eating dating back to the mid-80s, this restaurant and adjacent market are tucked away a stone’s throw from the Bastille on a tiny street in the Marais.  Those looking for a vegetarian – dare we say, macrobiotic – meal, perfectly balanced and full of fresh flavour, this is the place. Those … Continue reading Restaurants Grand Appétit

Restaurants Café Barjot

Close to the Gare de Lyon, Café Barjot welcomes you every day, in an Art Nouveau style 1920 In the heart of Paris, come and spend a moment of relaxation in our restaurant decorated with taste. Decorated with floral tapestries and woodwork, the decoration is reminiscent of the breweries of yesteryear. The sober and chic … Continue reading Restaurants Café Barjot

Restaurants Le Gaspard de la Nuit

Le Gaspard de la Nuit is a classic little Parisian bistro on one of Marais’ narrow streets, between the Place des Vosges and Place de la Bastille. Small, modern and intimate, it draws big names from the fashion and classical music worlds who love the authentic offering of fresh, full-flavour French classics such as filet … Continue reading Restaurants Le Gaspard de la Nuit

Restaurants L’Express de Lyon

Scuzzy, overpriced and crammed full of inconveniently placed suitcases, the bars that line the entrances to big Parisian train stations are rarely conducive to a pleasant evening. L'Express de Lyon is the exception that proves the rule. The venue's hardly a looker, but the choice of beers will detain you long enough that you might … Continue reading Restaurants L’Express de Lyon

Restaurants Le Train Bleu

This listed dining room - with vintage frescoes and big oak benches - exudes a pleasant air of expectation. Don't expect cutting-edge cooking, but rather fine renderings of French classics. Lobster served on walnut oil-dressed salad leaves is a generous, beautifully prepared starter, as is the pistachio-studded saucisson de Lyon with a warm salad of … Continue reading Restaurants Le Train Bleu

A Visit to the Birthplace of California Cuisine — Youth Food – Meals Under Pressure Cooker

Whether you live in California or not, you probably have heard the term “California Cuisine.” What exactly does California Cuisine refer to in popular food culture? In the book Culture and Customs of the United States: Culture (Shearer, Benjamin F., Greenwood Publishing Group, 2007, Pages 212-213), culture expert Benjamin F. Shearer summarized the features of […] … Continue reading A Visit to the Birthplace of California Cuisine — Youth Food – Meals Under Pressure Cooker

Borschtsch — heat’n’eat

Ich war gerade 4 Tage im hohen Norden, wo die Temperaturen morgens im Keller waren, jetzt bin ich wieder im Land, und die Temperaturen sind tagsüber gerade mal bei 3 C. Kein Wunder, daß ich Lust auf Winterkost habe. In diesem Fall ist das ein Eintopf. Aber kein typischer Plumpseintopf, sondern eine ukrainisch-russische Suppe mit […] … Continue reading Borschtsch — heat’n’eat