El Postre Chajá “Cocinar en casa es rico, sano y te hace feliz”. Silvia

Otra receta que es tradición en las mesas uruguayas es el Postre Chajá, es un postre compuesto por capas de bizcochuelo, duraznos frescos o en almíbar picados, crema chantillí y merengues. No se pierdan esta delicia que gustará a grandes y chicos! Lo interesante de esta fórmula son las variantes que se pueden lograr cambiando […] … Continue reading El Postre Chajá “Cocinar en casa es rico, sano y te hace feliz”. Silvia

Restaurants Bofinger

Bofinger draws big crowds for its authentic art nouveau setting and its brasserie atmosphere. Downstairs is the prettiest place in which to eat, but the upstairs room is air-conditioned. An à la carte selection might start with plump, garlicky escargots or a well-made langoustine terrine, followed by an intensely seasoned salmon tartare, a generous (if … Continue reading Restaurants Bofinger

Restaurants Café Ginger

Tucked cutely down a side street near the Place de la Bastille, Café Ginger's bright green exterior and the psychedelic paintings adorning the walls inside give it exactly the cheerful, hippyish atmosphere you’d (shamefully, stereotypically) expect from a vegan café. It gets instant points for cosiness, friendly waiters and a family-run feel, but the small … Continue reading Restaurants Café Ginger

Restaurants Les Associés

Les Associés restaurant is a terrific stop for a no-frills French lunch or dinner in the trendy Marais area of central Paris, just across the street from the Arsenal on Boulevard de la Bastille. Bright red banquettes give a cheeriness that’s matched by the service and Les Associés’ young crowd, many of them university students. … Continue reading Restaurants Les Associés

Restaurants Rosemary

This new gastropub will delight French and British alike. Scotch eggs, beef Wellington, sausages, haddock, porridge, pecan pie and homemade scones are all set to take our tastebuds on a trip across the channel. The place to try typical British fare and have a drink or two in an authentic pub setting (with a large … Continue reading Restaurants Rosemary

Restaurants Swann et Vincent

With its Parisian bistro allure, this tiny Italian restaurant offering classic transalpine cuisine is nothing if not convivial. Sugared olives and charcuterie 'du pays' are served by Italian waiters who move the chalkboard from table to table across the tiled floors. The solid menu offers all you would expect: fish or pasta of the day … Continue reading Restaurants Swann et Vincent

Restaurants L’Amarante

Seasoned bistro chef Christophe Philippe impresses with exquisite meat dishes at his second major opening. From the outside, this little address near Bastille appears quite unassuming. Nothing but the name L’Amarante and the words ‘Cuisine de France’ are printed on the glass, and if you peer inside, the interior design looks similarly basic, with classic … Continue reading Restaurants L’Amarante